Top Destination Wedding Tips

Top Destination Wedding Tips

Top Destination Wedding Tips: When it comes to destination weddings, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that everything is ready to go for your ideal wedding day! 

Weather Conditions 

Make sure to check out weather patterns in the specific destination where you are planning your wedding. Hurricane season, for example, is something to consider if you are planning to have your wedding in the Caribbean. The most popular destinations can have the most unpredictable weather depending on the specific timeframe you are looking to go, so definitely do your research ahead of booking. Another factor to consider is the tourist season of that particular destination. This can play a part in pricing for both hotels, airfare, and can play a factor in availability as well. You’ll also want to make sure you’re wedding is free from distraction if there is an event or festival near or at the hotel you select. It’s worth checking out all the factors happening on your ideal date to make sure it all goes accordingly!

Visit Your Destination Ahead of Time

Another tip would be to visit your destination ahead of time! This helps you know the location, and meet with any potential vendors that you may want to use for the wedding day. When choosing vendors, it’s important to do your research, read reviews, and ask the hotel for potential recommendations so you can screen them and check their work. You may not be able to contact them directly on a regular basis, so it’s important to qualify them ahead of time. Meeting with them in the destination in person can be a major key in doing this! 

Communicate with Your Bridal Party

Top Destination Wedding Tips: Ideally, you should let the bridal party know ahead of committing that you are planning a destination wedding. Since many of the bridal party will likely be booking and paying for the wedding trip on their own, it’s important that they are aware of this before they commit fully. Communication is key to planning your destination wedding with both guests and the bridal party. Make sure you fully communicate what is expected financially of the guests and bridal party from the beginning of planning.

Lastly, you should gift your guests welcome bags upon arrival. Sunscreen, sunglasses, mini shampoo, and conditioner, anything to enable your guests to be comfortable in the destination!  Don’t stress about the planning! You can always delegate tasks to certain members of the bridal party if that makes things easier in the planning.