Free Weddings At All-Inclusive Resorts

How to Get a Free Weddings At All-Inclusive Resorts


There are many different ways in which you can qualify for a Free Wedding at an All-inclusive resort. While not all of them offer this perk, many of them do and it’s helpful to know how and why you could get your destination wedding for free!!

Free Destination Wedding

You might be asking, “why would an all-inclusive resort allow me to get married for free?” Well, there’s a pretty quick and easy answer to that question. Many resorts are able to offer free wedding packages because they are able to make their money on the accommodations that your guests purchase, and you can qualify by simply having a certain amount of guests attending! For some hotels, some taxes and fees may apply, but even in that scenario, you’re saving a ton of money on the wedding package itself. 

Pick A Hotel With Wedding Packages With Benefits 

Free Wedding at an All-inclusive resort: There are a ton of great hotels, and hotel chains that offer this, and it’s definitely worth looking into them. For example, Riu properties, which have standardized the ability to get a free wedding package across all of their hotels/destinations, and tend to have easy ways to qualify including no specific room style requirements for booking! Each resort does have its own definition of what a free wedding package includes and what the qualifications are for you to receive the complimentary wedding, so you should always do your research into the specific property and exactly what they require to qualify.


Free Wedding at an All-inclusive resort: All of the resorts that offer free wedding packages are all-inclusive, meaning your guests would get the room, food, drinks, and alcohol included for the duration of the stay at the hotel. There may be a certain amount of nights needed or a certain amount of people attending, but there are always tons of great options where you can get married for free!!

When looking into a destination for your wedding, be sure to check out which hotels do allow you to get married for free, as that can take away a good chunk of the money you were planning to spend!! It helps save money, and you still can get the wedding of your dreams!

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